Why You Should Use Your Skills For An Online Coaching Course

I am sure everyone has the same question: “why should you use your skills and knowledge for an online coaching course?” What’s the benefit, is there even a benefit? Or is it just a bunch of retired school teachers (no offence to school teachers), who don’t have anything better to do with their time.

To answer your question, no, people who are taking their skills and knowledge online, and converting them into courses to coach others on, are not just school teachers, highly qualified individuals as well.

These days, there is a massive gap in the market for people to take their skills and knowledge, and turn them into an online business.

But the most obvious reason as to why you should use your skills for an online coaching course, is to generate revenue, and indeed there are people who earn their livelihoods purely through their coaching course sales.

How One Successful Entrepreneur Used His Skills for An Online Coaching Course

At the height of the 2008 recession, Lewis Howes found himself broke and living on his sister’s couch. His fledgling football career had come to an end because of a fracture the year before. It was not a great time for him to be jobless and without any professional job skills.

But Lewis was driven. He wanted to become successful, so he spent all day on LinkedIn, connecting with other people and diligently growing his network.

In time he got so good at networking using LinkedIn that people were asking him to teach them how they could use LinkedIn for their business. At first, he hosted in-person workshops but then he realized he needed to create an online coaching course to scale it up.

Pre-selling His Coaching Course

Before creating his online coaching course, Lewis asked his students to pay in advance for it to see if there was interest.

The next day he woke up to $6,300 in his account.

Earning Your Lively-Hood From Your Online Coaching Course

Before you start creating and selling your online coaching courses, let’s have a look at why we should even bother. As I mentioned previously – the most obvious reason is to generate revenue, and indeed there are people who earn their livelihoods purely through their online coaching course sales.

Another great reason is that once you have designed your online coaching course, it will turn into passive income. As you only have to create your coaching course once. It’s not like other products that go stale once it has reached its expiry date.  THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE!

However, there are additional benefits to creating online courses beyond making money. And, depending on what your reasons are, there are different ways to go about creating it.

Now is a perfect time to start an online coaching business by sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise.

Simplicity Behind Creating an Online Coaching Course

In today’s turbulent times, generating revenue and a passive income is the number one reason that people turn to create online coaching courses. Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into it than the below case, but we’ll cover it in more detail during our online business coaching course.

This is the simplest case:

  • You create an online coaching course once
  • People buy it repeatedly
  • But that’s the attraction behind creating an online coaching course
  • As a digital asset, it doesn’t cost much to produce, and it’s cheap to distribute. No shipping costs!

Once Lewis tasted success with that first online course, there was no stopping him. Today he’s built a multi-million-dollar business selling online coaching courses, books, and other digital assets.

Many other entrepreneurs are transitioning into creating online courses in a similar fashion like:


Youtubers have historically depended on ad revenue. However, with all the video content they create, packaging it into an online coaching course is easy. This allows them to generate a much higher income than what they get from ads.

Sunny Lenarduzzi is an expert in YouTube marketing. As a consultant, she helped companies grow their YouTube channel. Today, she coaches others to do the same in her YouTube for Bosses course.


Bloggers publish posts that are free to read on their sites. They previously monetized their blog with banner ads and affiliate links. Now they’re realizing that creating an in-depth online coaching course is a more natural and lucrative way to monetize.

Danny Iny started the popular Firepole Marketing blog to share his knowledge of marketing. After rebranding to Mirasee, he started creating and selling online coaching courses to monetize his audience.


Podcasters steer clear of the sponsorship model in favour of selling their own online coaching courses. This allows them to monetize their audience without interrupting their shows with distracting advertisements.

John Lee Dumas had built one of the most popular business podcasts and was earning six-figures through sponsorships. Recently he created an online coaching course on podcasting because of all the questions he kept getting.

Authors are boosting their declining book revenues by creating follow-on coaching courses. These coaching courses are a natural extension of the concepts they cover in their books.

Dorie Clark is a best-selling author and personal branding expert. After the success of her books, she took it to the next level with her “Recognized Expert Course”.


Speakers who have hit a ceiling with the number of speaking appearances they can take on, are creating online coaching courses to scale past that barrier. Many of them speak for free because they can make it back and more with their resulting online coaching course sales.

Michael Port has been giving keynotes across the world for the last 15 years. Now he’s taken traditional keynoting off his plate so that he can focus on making a bigger impact via his online  coaching courses.

Coaching & Consulting

Coaches and consultants who have reached capacity and can’t trade more time for money are scaling up by creating online courses as digital complements to their coaching.

Mari Smith is the leading expert on Facebook marketing, consulting for countless companies. To scale up she shares her knowledge of marketing via her online  coaching courses.

You’ll meet these people and more, including fitness experts, athletes, dancers, artists, engineers, and others who share their skills and knowledge online, as you progress through our online coaching business course


Teachers, trainers and tutors were faced with a sudden change during the global Covid 19 pandemic and it was hard to adjust—especially if it isn’t your choice or your preference!

The change happened in moments and had a profound effect on their and their students’ lives, shifting their realities completely and without much time to prepare.

There was a silver lining, eLearning that is an agile, dynamic, and effective way to learn, grow, and train. So, thousands of teachers, tutors and trainers where forced to take their skills online and to sell coaching (teaching) from an online platform. Many tried it, but were not successful, due to not have the directive knowledge and skills as how to create and best promote their coaching courses for an online audience.

At The Learning Tree we coach you how to do this!

We have many teachers who give extra classes, took it online and have scaled their services so well that they can do this not only as an extra income but as a business, and yes, a full time income.

So, if you have a skill, or a passion, or an audience, or some content that you would like to coach people on, then selling it as an online coaching course is a great way to generate revenue.

Awareness and Customer Acquisition

Some businesses invert the model, and use online coaching courses to build an audience who then go on to purchase other products.

Hootsuite, a social media management software, offers free social media marketing coaching courses on Hootsuite Academy. Millions of people have taken these courses, and many end up paying for their software.

We’ve done this ourselves at The Learning Tree. We created an online coaching course called “How to Start your online coaching business in 30 Days” by interviewing dozens of top online entrepreneurs.

If you already have a product, then creating an online coaching course will help you attract potential customers. In this case, you’d want to give your coaching course away for free, or sell it at a nominal price because your real revenue will come from your existing products.

“For Moz, educational content and helping marketers succeed has been at the forefront of our mission and the best way we’ve found to grow our community and our customer base.” -RAND FISHKIN, FOUNDER, MOZ

Online Coaching Business Success

Whatever your reason for creating an online coaching business course, you’ll notice a common thread – online coaching courses are a vehicle for transformation. Your learners are not coming to you for information they can find online. They’re looking to improve their lives in a certain way, and your online coaching business course is the key to what they want!

You in turn build your own legacy when you create an online coaching business that brings about transformation. And it all starts with you figuring out what you want to coach.

Stop relying on information to attract clients, customers and sales. Start looking at how you can create powerful, and dynamic coaching experiences. Experiences that people can remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Exceptional experiences spark transformation…

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