The Story Behind The World’s Smallest Chef

The Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef the World’s Smallest Chef

In this blog, you will get the Story Behind the World’s Smallest Chef and Entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur behind Dinner Time Stories Southern Africa, is none other than South African born, Paul Rouessart. Before we get the story behind the story of Paul, I’d like to ask you a question…

Have you ever had a 58mm chef cook for you? I am pretty sure that would be a big NO, from most of you!

Meet “Le Petit Chef”, the world’s smallest chef….

Where Did The World’s Smallest Chef Come From?

The world’s Smallest Chef or rather “Le Petit Chef” was born in a tiny little village in France. (Drawn by the Belgian artists, Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck of Skullmapping fame in 2015)

The world’s smallest chef had a little “Pad-Stallietjie” (stand on the side of the Road Stand), selling foods on the shores of Marseilles, but sadly he had no customers.

One day he discovered ‘The Book of Marco Polo’ and decided to travel in his footsteps.

He travelled across continents to find the best spices in the world.

His idea was to bring the spices back to his little road stand, with the hope that these unique spices would attract more customers. The rest is history …

From “Pad-Stallietjie” to Restaurant Owner

The little chef went on to become a massive success, opening his own restaurant, appearing in newspapers and in magazines and even on radio stations, but that’s a story for another day.

Or, You Can Skip the Wait…

Go straight into The world’s Smallest Chef  (“Le Petit Chef’s”) exciting story and travels with #DinnerTimeStoriesSA.

This is where The world’s Smallest Chef, “Le Petit Chef”, takes you on a mind-blowing virtual experience, on his travels!

When you secure your seat at his table, you will be able to taste his delicate dishes in real-time. Yes, from virtual to real cuisine.

How Can I Book My Seat To Meet The World’s Smallest Chef?

Go to Computicket and book your seat!

I suggest that you book sooner rather than later, as Le Petit Chef has itchy feet…

And never stays in the same place for too long.

So, go book chop-chop!

Introducing The World’s Smallest Chef

I bet you are wondering how on earth Le Petit Chef ended up coming to Southern Africa, and staying in the best of the best 5 Star Hotels, such as the Beverly Hills in Umhlanga, the Royal Livingstone in Victoria Falls Zambia, and the L’Ermitage Chateau & Villas in Franschhoek.

Let me introduce you to Paul, the brains behind DinnerTimeStoriesSA and the very reason for Le Petit Chef visiting our beautiful country.

I got to know Paul while interviewing him at the Beverley Hills Hotel, in Umhlanga Rocks.

He went on to tell me about his extravagant, fine dining experience, which comes to life with the help of the animated 3D miniature Le Petit Chef…

Serving guests on their very own video mapped, dinner plates and table settings.

During the interview, I became more and more intrigued by Paul’s story. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

Here’s some of ‘The Story Behind The Story”…

Business Opportunity

How did it all start?

So, to answer your question, in short, Paul stumbled across and read a blog on this amazing little chef in 2018. He then travelled to France and Belgium, to explore this business opportunity further.

In Europe, he met Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck, and the international show producer, businesswoman, Nadine Bashir, all entrepreneurs in their own right.

Paul was absolutely mind blown by this unique business opportunity. He immediately saw the potential as South Africans had never experienced such a luxurious and unique dining experience. This was fine dining Hollywood style! He knew right away that he had to bring Le Petit Chef back to South Africa in his suitcase with him.

After a successful business meeting, the entrepreneurs decided the best way to grow the concept of Le Petit Chef in the southern hemisphere, would be to partner up with each other, and so they did.

Let’s Get Down to Business

From a distance, #DinnerTimeStoriesSA looks so simple to put together and run.


As in all businesses, a lot of blood and sweat, research and hard work goes into finding innovative ideas, the best in the world to be exact. Selecting and purchasing the authentic props from overseas to bring back to Southern Africa was probably a highlight – says Paul.

Which is another reason for the event being so unique, the props for the show aren’t locally made. The props used in the world’s smallest chef production are imported from the countries of origin. In other words, across the globe – France – Arabia – India – the Himalayan mountains and China.

International training, technical training, food and beverage selection, scripting, and staff training are just some of what needed to be perfected to deliver this high quality, internationally acclaimed, masterpiece that is rocking South African diners.

All this together with the mastery of the perfectionist, Paul Rouessart, presenting the World’s Smallest Chef and – VOILA …

The Story Behind the Story

Paul initially had a dream of studying in the field of science, and completed a BSc Degree, with a postgraduate Higher Diploma in Education, which kick-started his career as a Biology Teacher. While studying Paul acquired ‘a taste’ for the hospitality industry, working in restaurants and hotels, focusing on the techniques of food and beverage presentation and delivery.

Right Time, Right Place

During Paul’s teaching career, he was appointed as acting HOD in a local Model C school and later met Graham Crawford. Yes, theee Graham Crawford, who started all the Crawford Schools. He then found himself on another exciting journey – being part of Crawford School’s growth.

Two Business Hats

While teaching he discovered a passion for events and was fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling to explore his passion. Overseas, Paul saw exquisite ideas and concepts, which he would come to use later on.

Paul eventually established 100% Events, a successful corporate and social event company, where he found himself running between school desks, children, and high-profile events. LOL

After some time, an international events company who had their eye on him for some time ended up headhunting him. They wanted him to temporarily join their dynamic events team in the USA.

After some careful thinking, Paul sold his business, packed up everything, and joined their team.

But, having experienced some of the best of international events he realized he was missing home, and due to his entrepreneurial mind, he was itching to return and start another business in Africa. You know the saying: “Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur!”

Paul, the Entrepreneur

This is where Paul’s passion for events really kicked off. And so, DinnerTimeStoriesSA and the adventure with The World’s Smallest Chef , “Le Petit Chef”, began…

His first show was in Johannesburg’s exclusive Sandton CBD in 2019. Paul was determined to have the biggest and the best branch worldwide. His team hit the ground running, as the 60-seater show took off with a bang, they were fully booked within the first week. Everyone from the hot A-list, celeb’s, famous models, singers, and actors among other big names came to the opening. Due to the massive interest, DinnerTimeStoriesSA and “Le Petit Chef “ended up staying in Sandton for 9 months.

Have you ever heard of a show being sold out for 9 months straight? Imagine the brilliance behind this business strategy.

Expanding the World’s Smallest Chef Business

Paul being a successful entrepreneur, and always on the lookout for new opportunities, started to look for ways to expand the business into Africa.

During his research, he realized that he wanted to start #DinnerTimeStoriesSA in KwaZulu-Natal, but was told it would fail horribly, as no one supported events in this area.

Now, let me tell you something about Paul, if you tell him he can’t do something, then he is the type of person who will show you… that he can! He will do it more than twice, and take photos with all the big names while doing it. Why? Because he can.

So, Paul went against all odds and continued to expand the business into KZN in 2020. Again, right on target with his business strategy. In KZN, Paul partnered with the luxurious 5 Star Hotel, The Beverley Hills in Umhlanga Rocks, and has seen massive success with shows being sold out on every occasion.

Paul continues taking up business opportunities and has the chance to expand up Africa way.

Paul has met with decision – makers from another amazing hotel, and agreed to launch the next DinnerTimeStoriesSA and Le Petit Chef in the magnificent Royal Livingstone Hotel, in Zambia. Home to the impressive Victoria Falls, a popular tourist destination for international clients in 2021.

But let me not give away all of Paul’s secrets just yet, watch this space…

If the World’s Smallest Chef and Entrepreneur inspired you, and you want to know more about the business opportunities that The Learning Tree has on offer, then click on this link and talk to one of our experts.


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