Start Today and Become an Edupreneur

Become and Edupreneur

Let me show you how simple it is to turn your skills into a business and and become an Edupreneur.

As top business experts and coaches, we believe that almost anyone can transform their skills and knowledge into a successful online business, and become an Edupreneur. This has become a solution to many struggling businesses and individuals, especially during these trying times. People have become entrepreneurs in their own right.

People who have never dreamt of having their own business’, or of becoming entrepreneurs, are now starting their own business’, by selling their skills and knowledge to other eager people who want these individual’s expertise.

For example, many school teachers have been forced to learn how to use online platforms, overnight, just to be able to teach their regular students and school kids the subjects that they would have learnt from the school during a class.

If we look at the gym, personal trainers have had to take their, in person, one-on-one training, to an online platform as well.

In the corporate world, regular board meetings, have gone from the boardroom to online “Zoom” sessions.

Everything has changed, overnight. And without warning.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends mostly on what you can learn! And the next natural step from there would be to capitalize on your skills and knowledge.

At The Learning Tree, we teach the in’s and out’s of how to transfer your knowledge and skills into an online business, that you can easily capitalise on.

Introducing a New Source of Revenue – Become an Edupreneur

Like most people, you might be feeling hopeless because you have either lost your job or are on your way to business closure, and losing everything. And this, all because of the state of things, but I am here to tell you…

There is hope!

The secret lies in your unique skills. Yes, YOU are the answer to your problem!

And, as I mentioned earlier, anyone who has a skill, can turn it into not only a way to make ends meet, but into an ongoing, online business, with growing revenue. And it really isn’t that difficult to learn how to transform your skills, or even hobbies, into a business.

With a little guidance from our business experts during a strategy session, you will be well on your way to creating your skills course’s content, marketing, and promoting both yourself and your business in no time!

The Problem

I know you might be thinking, “I have never had my own business, and if it wasn’t for COVID, I would have happily carried on working for someone else. Because it is less stressful!”


“Yes, selling your skills doesn’t sound that complicated, but creating an actual business, or learning how to do online marketing, or trying to learn how to create and sell anything online, sounds a bit above my skill level, let’s not, and say we did.”

Or simply – “Not for me thanks!”.

The Solution

The Learning Tree, has worked with a lot of different people, helping them with business and course solutions. They all had similar questions, but took a chance anyway…

Today, our customers have implemented what we have taught them, to become an Edupreneur, and they are successfully running their own online business, by sharing their knowledge and teaching other people their unique skills.

You can do this too!

Trust me, get started before you are forced to start.

Everyone is Doing it!

Start today and become an Edupreneur. If everyone is doing it, then why aren’t you?! Almost everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and started finding ways to market and sell their skills.

“It’s not rocket science!” Here are some great examples of Edupreneurs.

In a nutshell, all that you are actually doing is, teaching someone how to do something. And the only difference is that it’s online. And believe me when I say that we can show you how to teach almost anything online – Become an Edupreneur.

Trust me, whether you’re a teacher or not, we have all taught someone, somewhere, something in our lives. From giving directions to showing someone how to eat an Oreo properly.

To teach someone something, there are steps involved. You have to break things up, which is not that difficult, whether it’s an Oreo, teaching someone how to paint or make something, it all comes down to the same thing, breaking it up into steps.

Consider teaching someone how to eat an Oreo:

  • First, you lick it,
  • Then you dunk it,
  • Then you eat it.

And yes, I am pretty sure you can all remember the cute little kid, teaching his Labrador how to eat an Oreo. Lol

Wake-Up Call!

And if you’re still not buying it, then I need to tell you: You are in for one scary wake-up call!

If you do not learn how to market, teach, and sell your skills and knowledge online, then you might as well start collecting boxes, not to move, but boxes for you and your family to live in, under a tree somewhere!

Online training & teaching is the future! Become an Edupreneur

I am by no means over exaggerating. Research has been indicating this for more than ten years now. This is a harsh reality, so best you get ahead and learn how to teach something online!

We have all been saying that everything has gone online for years now. But whoever thought that teachers or culinary schools would be forced to start teaching their skills and courses online?! By which stretch of the imagination did anyone EVER think this?

No one saw this coming! Everyone just assumed that the statement above meant big businesses.

Why Everyone Will Eventually Have to be Entrepreneurs

Let me enlighten you on why you will eventually be forced to start your own business and go online with your services…

In 2008, according to top business research, it was indicated that by 2025 everybody would have to be an entrepreneur. In the world of career psychology, we called this an Entrepreneurial Career. Yes, this was actually put down as a career field.

You would think that this meant, anyone who WANTED to start a business right?! Because we don’t all want to be entrepreneurs right?!

But no. This means, that you, as an individual, who is/was/or wants to work for a company, would have to start seeing him or herself as a product. Meaning you are and will be your business.

For those of you who haven’t studied business or career psychology, I’d like to highlight the major factors behind why “YOU” will eventually become your brand and business. And if you cannot sell yourself as a consultant, manager, specialist, engineer, or someone with expert skills to an organisation/employer, then you will more than likely find it very difficult to either be hired or signed up for any contract.

According to business and career psychology researchers, A.M.G Kruger Schreuder and M. Coetzee stated in their book, “Careers, an Organisational Perspective” (5th Edition):

  • “Individuals will be sourced, recruited, hired and promoted, based upon their reputation capital”.
  • “Meaning, the sum total of the individual’s personal brand, expertise, as well as the depth and quality of their social networks.”

In other words, how your brand/business is positioned in the market, how good you are at what you do, and say you do!

New Business Opportunities – Become an Edupreneur

Although there may be a steep decline in lifelong employment, this had made way for new opportunities for individuals, but before I get to that, let’s have a quick look at why there has been a decline in lifelong employment.

Businesses are now keeping core employees and outsourcing most of their workload. This arrangement allows a company to be more flexible, and to save money on the following:

  • Contracts
  • Medical aid
  • UIF
  • Etc…

But, as previously mentioned, it’s not all doom and gloom, even for people who would rather be employed than have their own business.

This shift has brought on many new and exciting opportunities for the individual, such as:

  • Being able to invest in themselves
  • The ability to make more money
  • Become more independent
  • More free time
  • And spend more time with the family.


From this moment on, decide, decide that you are now in charge of your own future! And from now on, you:

  • Don’t have to wait for someone else to see your value
  • You also don’t have to depend on your manager to promote you
  • Create your own work schedule and decide who you “want” to work for
  • And, you can now create your own future, career path, and climb the ladders to success.

So, welcome to the new rules for building an outstanding career and business!

You are officially in the driver seat of your life and future. And it’s all based on the effort and time that YOU put into developing and marketing yourself! Remember that YOU are both your product, brand, and business.

Decide and turn your skills into an online business.

Your Skills and Knowledge

After reading my blog, you should have realised that, besides the economy falling due to the COVID virus, those things have gradually been changing in the business sphere of things for some time now. And instead of individuals having more time to develop and market themselves, the virus has just fast-forwarded this process to the NOW.

Rather don’t delay – it’s better to get ahead of this “Armageddon”, and be ready for it before it happens to you.

As the famous saying goes:

Prevention is better than cure!

Best you go get your sun cream then.

IF you are interested to learn more, on how to turn your skills into an online business or how to become an Edupreneur click here and talk to us today. Any comments would also be welcome.

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