How To Start an Online Coaching Business (eBook)


Starting an online coaching business is one of the best ways to increase your income, and give yourself a solid foundation to move into self-employment and to grow your side business, into a fully fledged independent online business of your own.



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Have you been wanting to start your own online coaching business, but been struggling with the “hows”, “what’s” and “when’s” of it all?

Then the best thing to do is to ask yourself this: “Do you have specialized knowledge that others are always asking to pick your brain about?”

How would you like to make money selling this knowledge?

If so, consider selling your expertise online; musicians, cooks, teachers, and consultants, can all sell their know-how for cash.

And in case you haven’t noticed, most of them already are!

The other side of the coin is that you might want to get started making money online, but might not think you have any transferable skills, much less any clue about how to monetize your expertise.

Well, good news, you’re wrong!

We are all experts in one way or another, and we don’t need a degree to prove it.

You might have a strong academic background that you can turn into an online coaching business, but equally you might have gained experience through work, hobbies, or life in general.

Another personal challenge is that many of us feel stuck in our day job. Stuck in the halftime!

We crave to do something greater. Something more fulfilling, where we are not only helping ourselves and others but something where we are making the world a better place.

Let’s start with a real story…

Let me start with a personal story of somebody I know, Jennifer resigned from her job and used her savings to start her own coaching business, focusing on team development and leadership.

In her online coaching business, she capitalized on a circle of influence from her previous work in financial institutions.

She polished her public speaking skills, and networked morning, noon, and night.

She developed relationships with decisionmakers, and started doing a free speaking seminar, but she just couldn’t convert the free seminar into an actual sale.

Does this sound familiar?

Have you been in front of prospective clients, and at the end of the conversation, they say, “Let me think it over” or “I will get back to you?”

Have you found that you’re making friends instead of actual sales?

Jennifer also hated the sales game, so she found it hard to push for the sale of her online coaching program.

You need to remember, business is business, otherwise you need to start a charity!

We eventually coached Jennifer on how to convert her great conversations (free seminars) into actual sales.

The challenges of starting a coaching business

By reflecting on Jennifer’s story, you’ll realise that most online coaching entrepreneurs face the same challenges.

Consider them below:

  • Firstly, the problem facing a coaching entrepreneur isn’t in gaining expertise, but in clearly identifying the areas where they’re already an expert, and figuring out how to monetize that expertise.
  • Secondly, coaches have little to no experience in terms of marketing and selling their expertise in an online coaching business. Life has changed, traditional marketing is dead, and if you’re not geared to market and sell your expertise online, you’ll not survive in starting any online business.
  • Lastly, most potential online coaches resign from their jobs way too quickly, then run out of money, and are forced to close their online coaching business before even having the proper chance to succeed. Jennifer was one of them.

After working with us, Jennifer now has a thriving successful online coaching business, coaching business teams on how to increase their performance.

How can our eBook help you?

Our eBook shares an online coaching process that has been used by the Learning Tree since 2011.

This process signs up new clients daily.

Whether it’s sleep coaching for babies, business coaching for entrepreneurs, or career coaching for individuals who need help with their career choice, there are online coaching businesses for just about every niche speciality, and industry on the planet.

Our eBook focuses on how to start your own online coaching business, first as a side hustle (business), while you are employed, thus keeping your day job, and eventually growing it into a fully-fledged online coaching business.

The eBook covers the following questions:

  • How to confidently know whether or not you have the ability to start and succeed in your own online coaching business.
  • Can you make enough money from an online coaching business?
  • When starting your online coaching business, when should you resign?
  • Can you start an online coaching business with no funding available?
  • How can you transfer and monetize your expertise into a lucrative coaching business?
  • How should you structure your pricing for high-income clients?
  • How you can create a passive income for the future to provide you with financial freedom
  • Which is the best coaching model to use?
  • How to know that there is a demand for your online coaching business
  • How to generate enough high income leads to start and grow your business
  • How to convert online traffic into sales with our unique sales funnel
  • How to retain and grow your client base

What will you get from this 180+ page eBook?

Besides the brilliant opportunity to get paid by sharing your knowledge, skills, and expertise, with others, there are many other benefits.

Benefits include the most obvious:

  • Extra income, which eventually leads to passive income, as you only have to create your online coaching program once
  • More flexibility, as your time is your own
  • No limit on how much you can make, as you can take on an unlimited amount clients
  • And that’s the beauty of having an online coaching business, your income depends on you and the amount of time and effort you put in
  • Lower overhead costs, as you don’t have to travel to be there in person, or print pricey learning and coaching material
  • Easily scalable
  • Financial freedom!

If this is what you want to do, then you’ll absolutely enjoy and get massive value from our eBook.

Limited free bonus program

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You can use this program to learn about email marketing, and add it as an extra revenue stream to your online coaching business, helping you to grow your online coaching business.

Included 365-days update

Most eBooks leave you with an outdated version after a couple of weeks, and each time a new version comes out, you must pay for the update.

We do things differently!

For a year, we’ll send you an update to this eBook every time we make any changes to it.

How can I access this eBook?

You can access this eBook in less than 10 mins. Follow the checkout process, and once completed, you’ll then have access to our full 200+ page eBook.

After purchase, you can access it from any of the following devices:

  • Any computer or laptop
  • Any smartphone
  • And from any tablet

You can even download it and print the full eBook in a hard copy.

In a nutshell

Starting an online coaching business is bigger than just the person creating it, as it has a massive impact on each and every one of the coach’s clients! Besides getting paid well for your knowledge, you have the privilege of changing people’s lives at the same time!

Let’s get you started

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We’ll see you on the other side…