Start an Online Coaching Business

The Learning Tree will assist you to transform your unique skills, into an online business, with the use of a program that is based on mini projects, tasks and activities, aimed at creating an educational platform from where you can market, sell, and manage your online courses globally on your own terms.

Turning your skills into an online business is one of the best ways to increase your income, and give yourself a solid foundation to move into self-employment and to grow your side business, into a fully fledged independent online business of your own.

If you choose the right business opportunity, then there’s room for you to keep growing your customer base on the side, while keeping your day job to support your new side income. From there, if you take the right steps, you’ll be able to build your side income beyond that of your day job, and launch into the world of self-employment with your own business.

Conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs have revealed, that one of the most common mistakes being made repeatedly when people are looking for the right-side business opportunity, is that they overlook their single best resource entirely: their existing skill sets.


The market for online courses is big and profitable, and it’s growing fast with the ever-increasing demands of the knowledge driven economy. The global interest in lifelong learning, and the development of professional skills has pushed the knowledge economy one step further.

According to a 2018 industry report, the Global E-learning Market is expected to reach a $475.10 billion by 2025.

Its expansion has a direct link to e-learning’s benefits. These benefits include more flexibility in the process of learning, lower costs, easy accessibility, easily scalable and increased effectiveness by online learning.

This flourishing “movement”, provides an opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs to get paid by sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences. An “edupreneur”, (the new term for the educational entrepreneur), is someone who plans, opens and successfully operates an educational business service. The role of today’s edupreneur is to educate the public, whilst teaching on a specific subject or helping them to develop a specific skill and build wealth as a result of the success.


Here you will learn how to transform your unique skills, into an online “edu-business”, using a program that is based on mini projects, tasks, and activities to create an educational platform, where you can market, sell and manage your online courses globally on your own terms.

Our 28-day Starter Program simulates the online business development process while you build your business during this 28-day journey. You can do it quicker, but this journey has been created for people who want to do it part time due to other commitments.

Our 28-Day Starter Program provides you with 5 mini projects, each with tasks and activities:

  1. Prepare to Start – here you will define your business name, purpose of the business, business requirements, start-up budget and your business financial forecasts,
  2. Explore the Market Demand – here you will define the outline of your online course, your course pricing structure, your marketing demand strategy, and then presell & validate your course to check its feasibility,
  3. Develop Online Course – here you will convert your skills into a course, create a course outline, obtain and use development and media tools, to create course content with a product page.
  4. Setup Site & Platform – here you will setup the hosting and website, develop & upload website content pages, create course content, setup you LMS & load content and final testing.
  5. Market & Sell Your Course – here you will outline your marketing & sales journey, create sales page, launch your marketing & sales campaign, as well as the signing up of customers for your course.

This means once you have completed our 28-day Starter Program, you could have a successful online, educational business (if you followed each task and activity as required).


  • 50+ Videos
  • 5 Downloadable worksheets
  • Forums & community support
  • Access to the program for one year
  • 1 Full year of updates and support
  • Group Coaching ( Additional)
  • Private Coaching (Additional)
  • Access program on Tablet, Mobile & PC


In this program, you will also be enrolled in our exclusive Business Community, from where you can get up to date information on what other businesses share, or are doing, in terms of the various mini projects. This community also provides the perfect opportunity to ask questions in areas you are struggling with. Tips and suggestions will be made to help you bridge the gaps you are unsure of.


This program is best suited for a person who has a unique skill set, and has an absolute passion to share his/her knowledge and teach others their skills.

This program is for the person who wants to start a side hustle, for additional income while still working (or not).

You should also be able to use a desktop or laptop, which is connected to a reliable internet connection to access the program with its tools.


We are so confident that this program will work for you, that we have guaranteed our results. This program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with this program within your first 30-days, you can request a refund.


So, if you are wanting to convert your skills into a lucrative online edu-business, then this program is for you. Click on the get started button on this page, and enroll in your program today.

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