Building Unique Brand Touchpoints

Unique Brand Touch Points

Do you know how critical it is for companies building unique brand touchpoints.

In recent years, Apple has become one of the strongest brands in the world. Have you ever wondered how they have managed to stay the leader of the pack with their competitive edge? In this blog post I will use Apple as an example and cover how their unique brand’s touchpoints are key factors behind their massive and continued success.

Do you know what customer touchpoints are? In other words, customer touchpoints are defined as the point of contact across the customer journey. For instance this includes digital and in person touchpoints, in other words, there are direct and indirect customer touchpoints. Similarly, each business and brand will have their own unique touchpoints. Therefore, customer touchpoints are defined as the point of interaction with the brand across four main areas.

They are:

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Post-purchase
  • Advocacy

Identifying your business and brand’s unique brand touchpoints will help your businesses to break them down into phases. Therefore your marketing team can build their marketing strategy around these phases. In other words, it can be further broken up into detailed steps by using customer mapping. In addition this is how your marketing team can pin point each minor detail of the different phases that your customer moves through. And believe me, the details do matter!  Therefore your brand and business needs to place all of their marketing efforts around being customer centric.

Identifying and understanding your customer’s journey is like closing a loop and seeing improvement opportunities for yourself.

Successful Unique Brand Touchpoints

Do you want to know the secret behind Apple’s success? In one simple sentence, it’s because they understand their customer. Therefore they designed their unique customer journey touchpoints based on that.

Understanding touchpoints and customer journey mapping are extremely helpful techniques. This allows you to understand how Apple’s brand equity grew tremendously in recent years.

A Quick Overview of Brand Touchpoints

Above all, the unique brand touchpoints can be defined as the interactions and exposures that a customer can have with a brand.

Examples of Unique Brand Touchpoints

Now that you have a better understanding of what brand touchpoints are, as well as their importance, I would like to use Apple as a great example, in other words, a business which understands unique customer touchpoints.

Remember, great customer experiences don’t happen by chance, they happen by design.

Ownership brand touchpoints examples

  • Owning an Apple product for instance a iPod or iPhone or iPad
  • Using Apple iTunes
  • Using an Apple product at school or at University

Observation brand touchpoints examples

  • Having a family member or friend owning an Apple product
  • Seeing characters use Apple products on TV or in movies
  • Being aware of celebrities who utilize Apple products
  • Reading the book about Steve Jobs or seeing the associated movie

Word-of-mouth unique brand touchpoints examples

  • Having a family member or friend discuss/recommend the Apple brand
  • Reading of the Apple brand by other consumers on social media and/or on YouTube

Retailer unique brand touchpoints examples

  • Visiting the Apple store is for instance another brand touchpoint
  • Exposure to any store that sells Apple products, such electronics stores and approved resellers
  • Reading any media stories, like mainstream media, or bloggers

Advertising/communications brand touchpoints examples

  • Exposure to any form of Apple’s advertising
  • Visiting the Apple’s website
  • In-store promotional material for Apple products
  • Exposure to any competitive advertising where they may compare themselves to Apple, similarly as Samsung advertising
  • Visiting any Apple’s social media pages

Personal selling brand touchpoints examples

  • Discussing Apple products with a retail salesperson, at either an official Apple Store, or at an independent retailer.

As you can see from how Apple has carefully researched and identified their brand’s unique customer touchpoints. Therefore you should now understand why we say that building a good customer experience does not happen by accident.

In conclusion, it happens by design. In other words you can only start designing or building strong unique customer touchpoints once you have successfully identified abovementioned brand touchpoints. Otherwise you will be throwing money in the water.

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